Trailer Rental

We currently have 2 trailers in our product range consisting of an car-ambulance / car-trailer and a motorcycle trailer.
These can be hired for a day, weekend or longer.
Our equipment is well maintained and equipped with ramps and straps.
By special stainless steel supports can be on the car-trailer even 4 motorbikes easily placed.
The car-trailer is on French registration and insurance.

Technical data: (car-trailer) Motorcycle Trailer:
Brand: Hapert
Model: A2700
L x W: 4.00 x 1.81 meters [platform]
Own weight: 685 kg
Load capacity: 2115 kg
equipped with: ramps, electric winch, 4 straps à 4000kg, adapter 7p> 13p.
Brand: Agados
Model: Kangaroo
L x W: 1.20 x 2.00 meters [max 2 motorbikes]
Own weight: 140kg
Load capacity: 610kg
equipped with: Ramps, 4 straps à 1500kg







Prices: (car-trailer >> Driving license B / E required) Prices: (motorcycle trailer)

Day: € 75, -
Weekend: € 125, -
Week: € 300, -

Deposit: € 500, -

Day: € 25, -
Weekend: € 45, -
Week: € 85, -

Deposit: € 500, -








All prices includes 20% VAT



Major rental conditions:

  • A valid driver's license identification is required.
  • Deposit: You must pay this amount in cash.
  • It is wise to reserve the trailer. The reservation expires one hour after the agreed collection time.
  • The trailer must be returned at the agreed time.
  • When exceeding the agreed rental period you fall into a higher rate. Only with our permission, the agreed rental period may exceed.
  • The car-trailer is insured against damage to third parties. The charge itself is not insured.
  • The own-risk is € 1000, -. Any defects or damages are listed in the lease. You must inspect the trailer before departure.
  • In case of intent or negligence (which included overcharging, riding on the handbrake) and lost or stolen during the rental period, you will remain liable for all damages and notwithstanding the resulting costs.
  • The possession and keeping the trailer is at your own risk (due to loss or theft). Ask us for a trailer lock. This is free to use.
  • You are responsible for the connection and disconnection of the trailer.
  • You need an additional license-plate for the motorcycle trailer.
  • Fines and penalties of traffic violations are for your account.
  • It is possible to use a trailer to go abroad. For this there are certain conditions:
  1.    You must have an insurance that repatriate the trailer.
  2.    You need to display the valid  insurance as well as your valid driver's license.
  3.    Under abroad is only: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland.
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