Terms and conditions

MotoJP rents out its motorbikes in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Reservations can be made by phone, mail or e-mail (after confirmation). Collection and delivery is possible 7 days a week during our opening hours. Once the booking fee of € 50,- has been credited into our bank account stating your name, license number and ID card or passport number the reservation is final. The reservation fee will be deducted at checkout. When you on your part cancel the reservation (within 2 weeks before the rental period), you have no right to a refund.

Rental periods

  • Day: 8 pm the day before the day of rental up to 7.30 pm on the day of rental.
  • Weekend: Friday 8 pm up to Sunday 7.30 pm.
  • Midweek: Monday 9 am up to Friday 7.30 pm.
  • Week: 7 consecutive days.

Other periods in consultation. For late returns we charge € 15 per hour!

Your responsibility

In case of an accident you as the person renting the motorbike and driver are responsible for the excess which is indicated per motorbike. This also applies to theft. As indicated, the person renting the motorbike is at all times the driver. It is forbidden to lend your motorbike out to other persons. In case of damage caused by third parties you as the person renting the motorbike will be a 100% liable for the entire damage. Prices include 20% VAT and green insurance card. All mentioned categories have a liability insurance. You get a clean motorbike with a full tank, it goes without saying that it should be returned in the same condition.


Payment and guarantee can only be paid in cash, MotoJP gift coupon, via a French bank cheque or advanced payment via a bank transfer or PayPal*.

When picking up the motorbike the guarantee – mentioned below – should be paid. This is settled with the final rental sum when returning the motorbike, provided that no damage has occurred.


Excess amounts to € 1.500,-. Reduction up to maximum € 750,- possible for € 15,- per day. Theft is excluded.

Age and drivers license

Minimum age 20 years and at least for 2 years in the possession of an European driving license A (>25kW).

For the YAMAHA MT-01: minimum age 25 years and possession driving-licence minimum 5 years.


The guarantee amounts to € 500,-. This guarantee must be paid in cash before the start of the rental period. If the base rental fee is higher, the rental fee will be charged as the guarantee. Driving license and ID card / passport are obligatory as proof of identity. Only European identity is accepted.
The person renting the motorbike is always liable for the by MotoJP applicable excess, even if the rented motorbike itself has no visible damage.


All prices include VAT, liability insurance, including green card, helmet and clothing set, 150 free kilometers per day, but exclude fuel. Extra kilometers are € 0,35 per kilometer. Unlimited mileage is not available.

General conditions

  • Before departure the motorbike will checked for any damage which will be recorded in the rental contract.
  • The motor will be delivered with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. For non refuelling we charge € 30,-
  • When parking, the motorbike should always be locked with both the steering lock as well as the included brake disc-lock. Between 7 pm and 8 am, the motorbike should be parked inside and / or in a secured facility.
  • The motorcycles may only be used on public roads (not on circuits). Demonstrable damage and / or wear caused by improper use such as wheelies and / or burnouts will be recovered from the tenant.
  • Traffic fines caused by the person renting the motorbike / driver will at all times be recovered from the driver.
  • If the motorbike is used for longer rides, the person renting the motorbike should if necessary undertake small maintenance tasks such as lubrication of the chain and / or refilling of oil and / or coolant.
  • Washing and cleaning – if needed in the opinion of MotoJP – is the responsibility of the person renting the motorbike. For cleaning we charge € 10,-.
  • For late returns, we charge an amount of € 15,- per hour, we assume however that the you will not deprive the following tenant of its full rental time.
  • The tenant can never evade the obligations of these terms and conditions. In case of damage involving any other party you should always call in police (gendarme). If you fail to do this, you will be personally liable for the entire damage.


* We accept payment using PayPal. PayPal is the industry standard for website payments, and will allow you to pay safely using your credit card and / or bank account. Although it is preferable, you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card to purchase through PayPal. For more information on PayPal please visit their website at www.paypal.com.

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