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Yamaha FZ6-N S2 ABS


A dynamic, but comfortable touring motorbike without upper fairing. Due to the relaxed driving position suitable for longer tours, but this motorbike also is at ease in a more sportive driving style.

Yamaha FZ6-N ABS
Yamaha FZ6-N ABS

Yamaha MT01 Black Edition

The Yamaha MT-01 is powered by a huge, slow-revving push-rod V-twin is derived from that of Road Warrior custom motorcycle. It’s big, massively torquey and, with the optional Akrapovic pipes, sounds absolutely awesome. Oddest of all, though, is how slow the Yamaha MT-01 revs. It takes off at 1500rpm and it’s all over by 5000rpm. Brisk rather than quick due to its weight, but uniquely endearing.

On smooth corners the MT-01 hides its 240 kilos really well. It's still a big bike, but it handles very good with the front-fork and brakes of the R1

MT-01 Akrapovic
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