Motorbike Rental in the Hérault | France


  • is based in La Croisade, Cruzy, at 15 minutes from Béziers or Narbonne, in the south of the Hérault department.
  • brings in consultation and at a reasonable fee the motorbike to your campsite or accommodation. Of course we will also collect the motorbike at the end of the rental period.
  • has attractive rental rates and recent motorbikes!
  • has a choice of different motorbikes in the popular 600cc touring segment. And also one cruiser 1700cc.
  • has extensive knowledge of the area allowing us to inform you about possible rides. 
  • All the rides are on this website, also for your telephone useable:
  • proposes a free clothing set as you will not have brought your motorcycle clothing with you. Renting an extra clothing set for a passenger is also possible.
  • has many years of experience and a good reputation in the Netherlands under the name
  • repairs your motor when your motorbike breaks down in the Hérault department.
  • has its own mobile breakdown service.

Will you be enjoying a motorbike ride in the most beautiful part of France?

For more information, call or email us!  We speak English






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